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About me

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My name is Phil Singer. I am a freelance artist living in upstate New York.

My wife Linda and I have a son who answers to Nathan, Nate, or hey you!! when we call for him. Linda was a buy one get 4 free deal when I met her. Meaning she came with four wonderful daughters Stacy, Julie, Diane, and Danielle already hatched.


My son is the only one still living with us as the rest of the crew has moved out and started little hatchlings of their own.


As of this writing there are now 8 grandchildren. Just about everyone can be seen in the family pyramid pictured below. Only my mom and older sister Mary are missing from the photo ( I think?)


I am a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art

 in New Jersey.


Learned enough about New Jersey and New York City on my

journey to an art career to realize that the city was very much

not where I wanted to live. So after a few years effort in the big city

(with little to show) I moved back North started my business, met Linda,  Married her and all that that implies, bought a house/studio in Amsterdam NY and the rest is history.

Years later now and I have had my share of success and oh yeah,

plenty of failures to. Still somehow I have had more ups than downs

and haven't had to work for the man in 30 years.


I have earned most of my livelihood as a Caricature artist

but over the years I have found other ways to fill in the gaps.

The other pages here are examples of the things I have ventured into.




I believe trying is more important than succeeding.

And forward is generally the best direction to go.

Some of the guys I play hockey with might disagree

with my head down charge forward thinking but I am

too stubburn to change now, although I should probably try to pass the puck more than I do.

I believe most change is good, Mistakes are necessary, and answers are intended to be looked for even if you never find them.




By the way I am a terrible speller and too lazy to figure out

how to use the spell check on my site. In this I please ask your forgiveness for any speling errors you may encounter.





This is me with my son Nathan the one thing I am most proud of.

sand wizard & Nate Dave pic 1 phil 3 family 2008 PIC_2340



 AND CAN BE SEEN ON "YOUTUBE" Just type Hero Quest 1 of 5  into the Youtube search  and enjoy the film.


me and horse 009 PIC_2352